WAR AND PEACE (Voyna i mir)

Opera in 13 pictures (1946)

A co-production with the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona


Composer Sergej S. Prokofjew. Libretto by Sergei S. Prokofiev and Mira A. Prokofyeva after the novel of the same name by Lev N. Tolstoy.
In russian language. With english and german surtitels. New Production.

Sunday, 5. March 2023, 05:00 pm o'clock – 09:05 pm o'clock, Nationaltheatre.

Duration est. 4 hours 05 minutes

Pause (ca. 06.45 pm o'clock - 07.25 Uhr pm o'clock )


ConductorVladimir Jurowski
Production and Set DesignDmitri Tcherniakov
Costume DesignElena Zaytseva
LightingGleb Filshtinsky
Assistant ChoreographerRan Arthur Braun
ChorusesDavid Cavelius
DramaturgyMalte Krasting
Fürst Andrei BolkonskiAndrei Zhilikhovsky
Natascha RostowaOlga Kulchynska
SonjaAlexandra Yangel
Gastgeber des SilvesterballsKevin Conners
Lakai des SilvesterballsAlexander Fedin
Marija Dmitrijewna AchrossimowaVioleta Urmana
PeronskajaOlga Guryakova
Graf Ilja Andrejewitsch RostowMischa Schelomianski
Graf Pierre BesuchowArsen Soghomonyan
Gräfin Hélène BesuchowaVictoria Karkacheva
Anatol KuraginBekhzod Davronov
Leutnant DolochowAlexei Botnarciuc
Ein alter Lakai der BolkonskisChristian Rieger
Stubenmädchen der BolkonskisEmily Sierra
Kammerdiener der BolkonskisMartin Snell
Fürstin Marija BolkonskajaChristina Bock
Fürst Nikolai Andrejewitsch BolkonskiSergei Leiferkus
BalagaAlexander Roslavets
MatrjoschaOksana Volkova
DunjaschaElmira Karakhanova
GawrilaRoman Chabaranok
MétivierStanislav Kuflyuk
Französischer AbbéMaxim Paster
DennisowDmitry Cheblykov
Tichon SchtscherbatyNikita Volkov
FjodorAlexander Fedorov
MatwejewSergei Leiferkus
WassilisaXenia Vyaznikova
TrischkaSolist(en) des Tölzer Knabenchors
Michail I. KutusowDmitry Ulyanov
KaisarowAlexander Fedin
1. StabsoffizierLiam Bonthrone
2. StabsoffizierCsaba Sándor
NapoleonTómas Tómasson
Adjutant des Generals CompansAlexander Fedorov
Adjutant MuratsAlexandra Yangel
Marschall BertierStanislav Kuflyuk
General BelliardBálint Szabó
Adjutant des Fürsten EugèneGranit Musliu
Stimme hinter den KulissenAleksey Kursanov
Adjutant aus dem Gefolge NapoleonsThomas Mole
De BeaussetKevin Conners
Capitaine RamballeAlexander Vassiliev
Leutnant BonnetAleksey Kursanov
Capitaine JacqueauCsaba Sándor
GérardLiam Bonthrone
Ein junger FabrikarbeiterGranit Musliu
HändlerinOlga Guryakova
Mawra KusminitschnaXenia Vyaznikova
IwanowAlexander Fedorov
Marschall DavoutBálint Szabó
Ein französischer OffizierAndrew Hamilton
Platon KaratajewMikhail Gubsky
Zwei GottesnarrenKevin Conners Christian Rieger
Zwei französische SchauspielerinnenJasmin Delfs Jessica Niles
Bayerisches Staatsorchester Bayerischer Staatsopernchor und Zusatzchor der Bayerischen Staatsoper



Hungarian film and theatre director Kornél Mundruczó, whose productions are shown at acclaimed festivals and theatres around the world, has also worked in opera for some years now. His production of The Makropulos Affair (2016) at the Vlaamse Opera was nominated for the International Opera Awards, and last year he staged the world premiere of Péter Eötvös' opera Sleepless at Berlin's Staatsoper Unter den Linden. He is also the founder and director of the independent theatre company, Proton Theater. With his team (including set designer Monika Pormale and costume designer Ania Axer), he now makes his debut at the Bayerische Staatsoper. Conductor François-Xavier Roth, renowned for both historically informed performance practice and for unusual programme combinations, and regularly invited by top orchestras, raises his baton for the first time in an opera production at the BSO. Klaus Florian Vogt sings the title role, and  Johanni van Oostrum  embodies Elsa. 

A young boy has disappeared, the heir to the throne of an ancient empire. His sister is accused of his death. Instead of defending herself, she calls on a dream figure to stand by her. And her knight, who loyally comes, wins her cause and her heart. Only who he actually is, she is never to ask. Elsa and Lohengrin could now be a happy ruling couple. But the ban on questions opposes the urge to know, the romantic wonder is opposed by the desire to know, enlightenment is not compatible with blind faith. The doubts that her adversaries awaken in Elsa – Ortrud, who clings to the old gods, and Telramund, who has lost his honour – are naturally sown in every human. In Wagner's music, the seductive as well as the risky of Lohengrin's desire gains expression as he longs for love for its own sake. Kornél Mundruczó's new production explores the ambivalent potential inherent in the design of a man superior to the normal, endowed with supernatural powers. For him, Lohengrin is, "the most provocatively inhuman figure in the entire operatic cosmos." The action takes place in a posthuman world in which a group of survivors, full of fear and full of questions, hope for redemption.